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There was a time when sound mods were really coming into their own & in some cases, sounded realistic.

My GF likes watching me play but says it's really boring without real sounds.


I'm deaf, however, my GF wants to hear the tanks engine sound, and the big girl guns going off but even with the 3 sound mods your mod pack has, they are really limited in what they offer.
What she can hear is the machine gun fire & almost nothing of the tanks engines or the guns being shot although 2 of your sound mods do have a bigger gun sound but it's nothing compared to what she heard several updates ago. A canon should sound like a canon, not a hand gun.


Are there any other sound mods you can add to the game which sound realistic & powerful? It's not volume I'm talking about, but they should be at least formidable don't you think?

(Note: I've played with all the settings to make the game more interesting for her but the guns hardly make any sounds & when they do, they're hardly canon-like & more like puff puff or tink tink)
Thanks! I love your mod pack, it's the best.

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