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ctd going into battle

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im still suffering these crashes to desktop  , @aslain 


something else came up on python log ,  cud this be the issue if u know wat it is??


2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] on battle start
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] current battle type: Random [RANDOM(1) = "random"], "Steppes" (35_steppes)
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] current vehicle class: SPG [SPG] (germany:G94_GW_Tiger_P)
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] [1]: CommandOrder: ['squadmsg']
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] [1]: CooldownInterval: inherits (10.0), CommandDelay: inherits (5.0), TextDelay: inherits (0.5)
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] [1]: MinTeamAmount: inherits (1), MaxTeamAmount: inherits (None)
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] [1]: Enable Vehicle Type: inherits (None)
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] [1]: current vehicle type is SPG, add to list.
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] minimal CoolDownInterval: 10.0
2017-07-04 02:15:07.936: INFO: [SpotMessanger] Sixth Sense Message enabled
2017-07-04 02:15:11.962: ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
2017-07-04 02:15:11.962: ERROR:   File "mod_sights", line 1, in <lambda>
2017-07-04 02:15:11.963: ERROR:   File "mod_sights", line 1, in updateVehicleSetting
2017-07-04 02:15:11.963: ERROR:   File "mod_sights", line 1, in call
2017-07-04 02:15:11.963: ERROR: Exception: PyGFxValue - Failed to invoke method as_setShellParams.


the lat one is where I crashed on 

thanks if u have a look


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@aslain I think I found out the problem  ,   I did a complete uninstall of the modpack , searched for all xvm and aslains installer folders in res mod and mods deleted , deleted game cache  through appdata    found xvm stuff there also ,    made sure there was no files  with xvm  or modpack anywhere , then ran ccleaner    restared pc   , installed  modpack    , played around 30 games with no crash . there mustve been  some old files from previous  xvm  that may have made a conflict in the mods , I'm happy now .  i forgot to mention that  I also disabled the superfetch service  ,

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21 hours ago, Aslain said:

Hope it will not start crashing after some time.

well well well  ,  I just got a crash  and I think I found out wat is actually causing it ,   its the graphics  settings  ingame    between  standard and improved ,   if I run game in standard mode using mods it crashes , if use  improved settings  I don't get the crash , 

so something in the modpack doesn't like being on the  standard settings.  very strange though

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2 hours ago, Aslain said:

Standard mode is probably not too welcome in mods. I don't think any modder cares about standard mode, everything is made with improved in mind.


yeh totally agree   I just tested it again  to make sure ,   I plyed 8 -10 games on standard  and it crashed .  I  switched to improved   , but kept all the settings the same  and   ive played about 15 battles without crash ,  so at least we know the issue now ,  its just annoying as switching to improved  hurts my fps .  but I can live with it  .

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