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trying to download thru adfly

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1 minute ago, SoftwareSimian said:

All the download servers seem to be down. Direct links either time out or get connection refused. I tried from two ISPs so something big seems to be broken.

Major updates to both World of Tanks + World of Warships = THOUSANDS of people trying to hammer the server, to get their links.... :)

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An excellent example of why I wish Aslain would publish a magnet link on the download page. I don't really need to contact the download server, all I need is a few bytes to identify the torrent and then it can download as fast or slow as it wants, and the more concurrent downloaders the better...


edit: for 19.1.00 it's  magnet:?xt=urn:btih:GFVFUJYQRI36MCLP5XXKNA4MRL7WB7JM (which this forum software won't let you hyperlink properly)


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