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Attempting to Quackify the entire game

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With the recent ability to modify In game gun sounds and such; I wish to attempt to modify the entire in-game sound with various glorious quacks.

Current issues I'm running into.
>Sometimes the Secondary sounds play when the Main Gun sounds fire. 
>Unable to determine the proper sound layout for (AA armament, and Torpedo Armament) 
I have tried
(Including AA1&2 variations) 

Current Progress: 

AA Gun Sound Testing

Maingun Battery Testing


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1 hour ago, Quaksen said:

If you're not already insane, you'll end up insane listening to all that quacking, haha... I shudder just thinking about a couple of Minotaurs firing, or Atlantas... :D

I've played this game since closed beta (Begrudgingly though the Atlanta 100% chance fire bug, and the Yamato Glass Gun deal-and all those wows grind events), and regularly play and grind though Kancolle events.
Either I'm so far gone into insanity that I don't register it, or I'm immune to it.

Still having issues on how to get AA Sounds and Torpedo sounds working.

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