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Tank Skins (American T34)

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I really like the new American T34 tank skin. Whomever made it did an awesome job, Thank You!

I'd like to know if they could make the same skin or a similar one for the American T30 tank destroyer? The tanks look identical in the game, normally. 

The skins are amazing, but I am wondering if we're losing our Camouflage bonus when we're using them. Anyone know?

Just curious.. T30 is my favorite tank to play, but I must stay undetected as much as possible.

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No, you are NOT losing camouflage bonus when using a tank skin - nor will you magically gain camouflage bonus from using them.


Skins are client side, and will not affect your tank in any way, shape or form on the actual game. Others sees the tank as the vanilla client displays them, unless they use the skin too.


As for the skin for the T30, I guess it should be possible, though I do not know how, and I'm pretty sure the author hates requests :)

Maybe someone else can help out for it..

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