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Battle Observer Not Showing Tank Count

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weird -- i tried all the versions again last night, and the only one which worked was #3.  another side-note, is that in #03 there is no autoaim+, whereas with #5 and #4 i had autoaim+ enabled.  otherwise i changed nothing between the versions.  hmm.. i might have to try to install #5 and see if it works with the autoaim+ disabled. 


** EDIT ** 


so... pretty much confirmed that.  i installed #5 without autoaim+ and the battle observer shows the tank numbers as expected.  then i installed #5 with autoaim+ (i only had the option selected to block shooting at wrecks -- nothing else) and the tank numbers are now missing.  so it's apparently some conflict between those two...

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There must be something else too as I have none of the AutoAim items selected but it still does not work.





One other thought, The only conflict I can think of would be a mod using "vxBattleFlash" that is included in Battle Observer.  It's the only non-BattleObserver file that is in the mod that might be shared with other mods.  Since Mod files are just zip containers, you would need to search through your sources to see if you have a different version than that.  The version that is 1.5.1 updated on 8/31/2017.


Anyways, just a thought.

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