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Premium ship captains

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I have not long ago purchased the premium ship graf spee with a 10 point captain. This was all to train the captain for when I grind to the Roon. Now I have the roon I want to put the Graf captain in the Roon. Why do I have to retrain this captain costing 500 Doubloons when I thought it was free?

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If the captain is trained to the Roon, it can be used in the Roon & any premium ship (of the same nation), without penalties or need of re-training.


If the captain is trained for the Graf Spee, it can be used in any premium ship (of the same nation), without penalties or need of re-training.

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Because the captain has never been trained on the Roon. Any silver ship captain can go into a premium without the need to retrain - but a premium ship captain into a silver ship needs to be trained. Cheapest way is to spend the 200k credits, then put the captain back in Graf to complete the final XP training, all the skills will work in the Graf while retraining for Roon.

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