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Crosshairs not working

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I did. Used Aslain's mod a lot, even before they had previews. I tried multiple crosshairs (which ones I don't recall) and none of them came up in game.


Just tested it again . . . nope. NONE of the crosshairs work for the game.

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OH! REALLY?! I didn't have to do that when I played in CBT! Lemme check! I didn't understand that's what you meant. Apologies, checking now.


Boy I feel stupid. I didn't even see that option in there.


Thank you! And last question, unrelated to mods: is dynamic crosshair worth it? Does it accurately depict how far you should lead when you are targeting someone?

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If you are having issues reading description of said mod in installer, like I did, right click on Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer. Then click properties from the drop down menu.  Click on second tab, Compatibility, navigate to settings, check the box that says , override high DPI scaling behavior.  Then choose System from the drop down menu. Then apply setting then Ok. Note that you have to do this every time Aslains updates or it will revert to application DPI scaling.


Now, for Dynamic crosshair is calibrated to 30 knots I think and not 20 knots like static crosshairs. If you want in-depth tutorial, Notser on Youtube has a decent one that you can check out.

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