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ASLAIN mod not loaded..game resource not found

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this is happening regularly.....is it happening because you are updating all the time....I dont want the latest ...just want it to work


also wot is not loading the ASLAINS...i launch the settings window in ASLAINs as if i was loaded it from scratch


then update details XVM and gives the critical error




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Quaksen...we are lucky to have u and and ur colleagues to advance the sport of computer gaming...well done...and u have to know i am not an expert...so i appreciate the simplest 

instructions possible at the level of mud sludge

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Even if you are not an expert, you should be able to see that the version numbers don't match up.


The error you are getting, is because you're trying to use an old outdated modpack, on a newer game version.


You need to update modpack when the game updates. And when Aslain updates without game updating, it's to fix bugs and what not - and it's your choice to get those.


The others are required - or you'll end up seeing that error. :)

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Aslain's modpack is always named after the game version + the part after the underscore.


Like the current version in the download thread is called

Which means it's for

And it's the second update he did (started with _00, and then _01, and so on)


Your ASIA website would show (and the launcher) when the game updates. And should show the game version too.

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