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Star Wars music


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Just now, Aslain said:

Where is link? btw. how you fixed that problem?

.bnk file 26mb, changed res/engine_config.xml:
         <defaultPool> 36 </defaultPool>
        <lowEnginePool> 24 </lowEnginePool>
        <preparedPool> 318 </preparedPool>
        <streamingPool> 6 </streamingPool>
        <IOPoolSize> 12 </IOPoolSize>
item_defs folder deleted (i had another gun mod)


I've played and all is fine I think. Only extract on res_mods audioww


StarWars soundmod

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20 hours ago, Aslain said:

Ow :)


Well you need to work on this mod, I had SW music played only once in battle, in the batte start then no music.


I also give you this small hint:




Yes, my music is only for countdown, hangar, win defeat, etc. I use myself voiceover freak mod as well 


EDIT: You didnt have a countown music?


Here the file using your hints



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