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Stats do not display

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The stats for players are not being displayed in the game. They start out being displayed but after a few games they are gone. They do not return when i try exiting and restarting the game.
I ran the cleaner and i have screen shots attached.


This has been going on for more than a week. Even with the updates etc it still happens.


The mod is up to date.shot_003.thumb.jpg.2ade83a2d09a482d47f42a49eb6f7d34.jpg



Also the icons under the bar at top middle sometimes they disappear too.

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Errors in xvm.log: 

LoadUrl failed: HTTP Error: [404] Not Found. Response: 404 Not Found  File "./res_mods/mods/packages\xvm_main\python\loadurl.py", line 103, in _loadUrl


I have no influence on this, you would have to ask about it on koreanrandom forums which is support forum for XVM stats etc.: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/


Meanwhile make sure your antivir is not messing up with the installation or mods.

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I think the problem is on the XVM side, not modpack related.  I have had random battles where either no players stats were shown or maybe on 2 or 3 player's stats shown.  This was discussed in battle with other xvm users and all had the same problem.  I have read some discussion on the XVM forum that indicates that the xvm servers have been undergoing some maintenance at these times.  Sometimes for an hour or so only.

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