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Couple updates for mod pack


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Hi, remember me? :D


I'm using mod pack regulary for months now and I tried most of it, I didn't want that aimbot and cheats but never mind. What I liked but it's outdated is Hd minimap and Historical crew ...I like this mods but minimap in mod pack is not Hd in every map, Crew is not complete, some members of crew are from game (vanilla) so it's not look good.


I downloaded and using this Hd maps for months now, they don't need update except that I must change number of current game after every update. I don't remember where i downloaded this mod but it would be awesome that it's in the mod pack.








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Hi ;)


- Well in this modpack are no aimbots or cheats so not sure what do you mean by that.

- Few of crew icons mods needs an update agree on that

- hd maps, I have no hd minimaps in the modpack currently , what I have is old minimap images, from old wot client


What is source of this file you attached?

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Sorry if I said aimbot, I didn't mean on forbidden aimbot but generally on all mods that people don't like like hit zones, autoaim (that is what I meant)...and so on, I now that your mod pack don't have forbidden mods but some people don't like some mods because they are advantage for enemies like any other mod pack ...but that on side, it's not important.


I downloaded some of this, I don't know witch one:







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