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  1. I have the same problem
  2. Thick HP Bars

    can you add yellow indicator when you shoot enemy like a orginal XVM OTM ? Thanks
  3. Thick HP Bars

    me to
  4. Same sky on all the maps

    ok tnx
  5. Same sky on all the maps

    Can you put this mode in your modpack ? Tnx Aslain
  6. Extra arty info display

    I need only for arty. Can disable for other tanks?
  7. Extra arty info display

    Can you put this mod in your modpack aslain? Thx
  8. OTM

    So, it is impossible? To bad. Thanks for your working
  9. OTM

    Can you put in your modpack OTM by protanki? Thanks
  10. problem cousin tundra or attack mod