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    only one per person correct? if so could i get overwatch. if its not one per person could i also get the surge im not going to ask for more than 2 as that would be too much
  2. Draco912

    Does this include Ekspoints crap?

    dang that sucks guess we will just have to wait to see if someone can make a replacement with the ALT function with no dumb adware junk from ekspoint, i thank you for testing it and reporting back to us.
  3. Draco912

    XVM Info Panel

    he had something similar but the author of that mod was doing shady things and is now banned from being in aslains modpack for his continued shady practices.
  4. Draco912

    Info Panel Izeberg INOP ?

    hmm weird i select the colored one i edited and added as a file in my previous post put the ingame horizontal mod setting to 400 and its right near my minimap. maybe it might have to do with my resolution (1920x1080) if you feel comfortable tou can try editing the xml file to have the whole info panel moved over more. sorry i couldnt fix your problem im still new to editing xml files myself.
  5. Draco912

    Info Panel Izeberg INOP ?

    i edited the colored one to be next to minimap when i have my minimap zoomed in really big replace the colored xml with mine and put horizontal offset in game options for it to 400 hope this helps i even had it add the name of the gun on the tank you are aiming at skin_3_colored.xml
  6. just noticed the same thing adding my logs to help see if they help find the issue. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Draco912

    MalwareBytes Warning

    thats weird i used the direct download and didnt get any adfly links popping up it just went and downloaded the file to my chrome downloads destination. do a antivirus scan and MB scan make sure both are up to date to make sure no sneaky files got onto your pc somehow. i wouldnt add any adfly to exceptions because adfly stuff can be kinda shady sometimes. (not saying aslain does anything shady but those advertisers on adfly sometimes do.)
  8. Draco912

    MalwareBytes Warning

    try using the direct link to download the .exe for the modpack installer (direct dl doesnt give aslain any ad revenue) but see if malwarebytes keeps going off
  9. Draco912

    pmod fancy blue server crosshair.

    ah ok didnt see that my bad guess this can be closed and deleted then sorry for taking up space with my derp should have looked at the changelog
  10. just dropping my log to see if it could help figure out why the server crosshairs are not working i cant use wg default its too janky and clunky makes me fell sick Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. Draco912

    ammo switching

    well im using the latest modpack and just noticed in game that when i try to force a reload to a different ammo type in game it wont switch it just highlights the ammo i want to switch to but doesnt trigger a reload. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip EDIT: i switched my crosshair from harpoon to taipan and now it triggers the reloading so i think harpoon crosshair was the issue
  12. Draco912

    ammo switching

    ah ok not sure if it was a fluke for me then but since i changed my crosshair i can switch ammo and the game registers me switching so it makes me reload. i have been playing since i made this topic no issue so far. will continue and see if the issue comes back or not. thanks for the reply
  13. when ever i try to accept a dynamic in game platoon invite, try to ping the map or even hover over to see my tanks shell pen my cursor shows up but it acts as if him not clicking or hovering over at all. i cant even change the player panel size. screenshot showing cursor over ammo and nothing popping up same thing when i hover over player panels too hope i did this right my first time sending in a log for an issue. EDIT: safemode makes everything work just cant figure out what mod(s) is causing my issues Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. Draco912

    mouse wont register when holding ctrl

    ah ok i will unselect that then thanks for the help
  15. Draco912

    mouse wont register when holding ctrl

    yea i just changed from solo OTM to bones OTM and i am able to ping the map and interact with the team list panels its still wonky when hovering over ammo as it only works when i hover over apcr ammo but as long as i can ping the map and accept platoon invites im good
  16. Draco912

    mouse wont register when holding ctrl

    are you using solo's OTM like i am? if so we may have found what could be causing the issue hopefully it might get fixed in time.
  17. Draco912

    mouse wont register when holding ctrl

    sorry for the bump but im still having the issue i was able to record a quick vid showing what my issue is (updated to the 9.18 #4 which is what im using in this video)
  18. Draco912

    Steam keys for random games part Deux

    would it be possible to get one or both of these if they are still available? if they are not thats ok thanks for handing out codes tho to tose who get them Poly Bridge Mirror's Edge Steam Key
  19. Draco912


    might want to blur your image to remove some embarrassing items in your download folder lol
  20. i am having similar issue but but when i load in my team doesnt show contour icons or stats till have the load screen finishes and also shows the tier number over the contours in tab screen ingame even tho i have the show tier option off
  21. Draco912

    Gambiter log question

    the thing is i think it tells the name of who shot even when they are not spotted so i think that may be the iffy area that i would like to avoid but if it turns out it isnt illegal then i guess i can live with it then
  22. Draco912

    Gambiter log question

    i just recently updated to the newest version of the modpack but i play on the NA server and im not sure if having the names of people who shoot me is illegal or not. is there anyway to disable that function by editing some text in a certain text file? also thank you for your hard work on the modpack.
  23. Draco912

    battle results

    not sure if this is where i post this but before the patch my battle result page looked like the first image but after the patch it looks like the 2nd image
  24. Draco912

    need some help/ questions

    yea i like how the vehicle names are black with the outer glow but instead of normal red vs green i would like it to be like your blue vs orange option. also thanks for the help i now have the tier number off of the team panel and the ammo that hit me off :) Edit: this is how my minimap names look like i would like to change the text color to like this but with a orange glow instead of green, and also do the same for my team color with black text and blue out glow Edit#2: i finally figured it out so the thread can be closed or deleted :)
  25. first i would like to say sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, im a noob at WoT and this modding stuff. second i would like to thank you Aslain for your mod installer as it makes everything user friendly when installing. 1st, is that im using gambiter damage panel mainly for the reskin on the vehicle condition panel, when ever i get hit something pops up on the screen say HE or showing gold ammo and if it hit me or bounced how would i get rid of that? i followed what you said on the curse comment page saying damage panel but that only turns of the recieved damage to me. i play on the NA server and dont want to risk anything so i would like to disable the notifaction of bounce's/hits here is a screenshot of what i mean. 2nd, is the vehicle tier number appears ontop of the name like this image any way to remove that? last, is there anyway i can change the minimap to have the vehicle icons like this image here from jimbos xvm config (image credit belongs to Jimbo) i love the color selection of Blue vs Orange in the installer so would like to keep that part. again im so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this

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