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    @Shadow2k1 Capt_Oveur didn't label you badly at all. Also given that you only have 3 posts, Capt_Oveur hasn't called you a liar either. You haven't been harrassed at all in this thread. So not sure what you're on about with that. You were politely asked to attach log files or even send them privately to Capt_Oveur so he could help you. If your game is having non-stop issues, freezing and what not, that clearly suggests something is up - but if you aren't going to attach log files, it's not easy to help you at all, you know.
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    Both Gun calibers in inches and Carousel extended are fixed
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    Where did you read all that? When did I blame you? Why would you say I think I'm better than anyone else? What kind of label are you talking about? How am I harassing people when I'm trying to help? Who would flip? And why? What kind of authorities would be alerted and for what? Hinting at swatting will get you banned from any and all online forums. I never called you a liar. Quite the opposite, I said you came with a real problem. I even offered to help you. I also tried to explain to you why your issue is not modpack related: out of thousands of users you were the only one with this specific problem. A modpack will not cause lock up on one PC only out of thousands it's running on, that is not possible. Nobody can help you if the way you report your problem is not specific enough. I sent you the link to the page with information and step-by-step instructions how to report an issue, you have not done it.
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    wrong, just because someone has an actual, problem, you gotta "blame the user having the problem" Seriously, you think you're better then everyone else, and you get off to labeling other's badly.... I'm sorry dude, but i did exactly what the mod pack told me, Installed it correctly. so before you label someone, try to get to know them first. I'm not asking anyone else for help, since nobody here takes anyone seriously. And if you continue harassing other's who have issues, i dunno man... someone will flip, and alert the authorities on ya. All i know is, my game kept having issues, and kept freezing, and because i had an actual issue, everyone on here called me a liar... so i dunno what to tell ya...
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