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  1. False positive. It's like the ONLY one that reports that... it's a shitty heuristics search, hence the "generic" name.
  2. And many many more would get really pissed, and Aslain would get in some serious trouble :P
  3. It's a false positive. Nothing to worry about. AVG is the only one that bitches about the file. Heuristics sucks. :P
  4. Did you check the config file? (I don't know what the default is...) <markerAmmoShow>???</markerAmmoShow>
  5. The ones below 99% should be correct too, but it'll only show XP needed for a 1% increase, otherwise you'll need to use the total XP one, which will then be a bit off, compared to what you have vs what you need.
  6. :angry: :( :wacko: :blink: < That's about the emotions I'm going through, lol....... (and sorry if I'm wasting your time.. :mellow:) Well, here's a google translate of the macro list... I'm out of suggestions, and too pissed off to try anymore :P // {skillicons}: (only in "barracks_crew") icons skills // {training-level}: the current level of skill without bonuses // {basic-training-level}: the current level of skill bonuses // {firstname}: Name // {lastname}: Surname // {rank}: Title // {exp-total}: ​​the total amount of experience to the next skill (rounded) // {training-battles}: the number of fights to the next skill, taking into account the prem status (rounded) // {nxtskillvlv}: The next available level of skills // {skillsCnt}: the current number of skills // {training-progress}: the current level being studied at this time skills // {role}: Position // {curexp}: dialed experience // {vehicleType}: class of technology // {exp-step}: amount of experience to the next level of skill is studied // {exp-step-battles}: the number of fights to the next skill level, taking into account the prem status (rounded) // {exp-free}: free, not the distribution of experience // {lastSkillLevel}: the current level of skills
  7. and if that's not the proper one.. then I'm not sure there is a better one. That one shows the exact XP needed to increase skill level by 1%.
  8. Derp.... my bad. Looked at the wrong thing, haha. {exp-step} is the current one :P And it was this line that needed fixing: "role_string": "[<font color=\"#00FF00\">{training-battles}</font><img align=\"top\" src=\"img://gui/maps//icons/library/BattleResultIcon-1.png\" height=\"14\" width=\"14\" vspace=\"-3\"/><font color=\"#FFFF00\">{exp-step}</font><img align=\"top\" src=\"img://gui/maps//icons/library/XpIcon-1.png\" height=\"16\" width=\"16\" vspace=\"-3\"/>]{role}",
  9. \World of Tanks\res_mods\configs\spoter_mods\crew_extended\ in there :P
  10. Scratch that, you can change it yourself. By default it's using this macro: {exp-step} (amount of experience to the next level of skill is studied) The one you need to use is this macro: {training-progress} (the current level being studied at the moment skills) So under this section: "hangar_crew": { Find this line: "rank_string": "[{exp-step-battles}|{exp-step}] {rank}", And change it to: "rank_string": "[{exp-step-battles}|{training-progress}] {rank}",
  11. The tooltip is showing what you need from 99 to 100. "You will need roughly 9,550 exp from 99% to 100% of First skill" The window shows the exact number. I'm guessing he has no way of dynamically updating the tooltip number.
  12. OP's link is gone due to inactivity, here's a fresh upload of it: https://www.mediafire.com/?abpyf67ipe1m035 ^_^
  13. Remembered to activate services on modxvm.com? It's something you need to do every 2 weeks. After changing the settings most likely as well.
  14. Just the files you changed :) The files in the custom folder overwrites whatever is installed prior to that step. And yes, for the autoaim_indicator.json, the zip file, when you open it, should look like this: \res_mods\0.9.10\scripts\client\mods\autoaim_indicator.json Hope that helps :)
  15. Because you only need to make the changes once, and if the files are updated, you'll have to re-do the files anyways, even using your Notepad++ method. \World of Tanks\Aslains_Custom_mods\ < go into that folder, and read the text file, it should explain enough.
  16. Can also use the custom_mods folder and have the edited files in there, using a zip file with the proper folder structure and what not. :)
  17. Fixed in the newest installer. It's due to a bug in Mav's Ultra Fog thingie. Ruinberg gets blue fog, El Halluf gets blackness with white nature. :P But as I said.. fixed in the newest.
  18. Get in my belly! :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea7XIUuj7ag
  19. Anyone with half a brain has a good idea how long peoples reload are, and you can hear them shoot.
  20. Not going to happen. EVER. Learn to play, WITHOUT CHEATING. And if you're going to cheat, don't bother asking here. Find them for yourself.
  21. Hijacking his thread, tsk tsk :P Step 1: Open eyes. :P Step 2: Scroll to the very bottom of the modlist. Step 3: Section 3 above the XVM Icons, are the HD Minimap options. Step 4: Profit?? :P
  22. Already in the modpack (Angel Extended), but it's not 100% reliable, since much of the info is guess-work.
  23. By "Angel Extended" he means "Angel Extended", the mod by spoter. :P
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