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  1. Great! Glad it could help you! :D I tried doing a quick search to solve your problem, and that was one of the first things that caught my eye :)
  2. Not sure if it'll help you... but have a look at this: http://joytokey.net/en/ / http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/I/JoyToKey/JoyToKey.htm
  3. Spotted another duplicate entry: Line 264: en.hangarclock=Hangar clock with calculator by AntonVK Line 579: en.hangarclock=Hangar clock with calculator by AntonVK [DLC] :ph34r:
  4. Very minor thing for the English file (small typo): en.SetupLoadINF= - Setup is running with ''/LOADINF'' paramater should be: en.SetupLoadINF= - Setup is running with ''/LOADINF'' parameter
  5. Using the Clean Install feature of Aslains installer, removes the things needed to cleanly upgrade from one version to the next though
  6. Why do you need to use the uninstaller though? You can just clean out the res_mods/version folder, from all it's contents. Or - if you're updating, simply clean install :)
  7. How are you uninstalling the game? If you're using the uninstaller through the control panel, or the uninstall exe file, you'll need to re-read the thread with the modpack download. Not once have I had my game break completely from using Aslain's modpack, so it sounds rather odd.
  8. That's RNG for you :P Sometimes you'll one-shot tanks left and right, other times, you'll hit nothing at all...
  9. Well... what exactly is wrong with the icons? Because what I see, is the default icons, for the options you selected to install. (Hint: locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4 (note: will disable XVM minimap))
  10. You should be able to use Tutorial as your testing area.. or get a friend to use Training Room.
  11. Just sounds really odd/suspicious that the game would freeze by just being idle in the garage. :wacko:
  12. Hold on a minute... you left the game sitting in garage, for 5 minutes, and it had frozen? I can almost guarantee that's an overheating graphicscard issue. My temperature on graphicscard goes up in the garage, for some reason (maybe it's not VSync'ed out there, dunno any other explanation) If you can - check your graphicscard temperatures.. GPU-Z can tell you, under it's "Sensors" tab: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/
  13. Installed on: NA Client Minimap Tankview Extended Damage Announcer - EU version Is what I'm refering to :)
  14. Thanks for adding them, instant switch to them :D
  15. During your cleanup of those duplicate entries, or other changes made, it would seem that the preview image for "blue crosshair" got moved to "MeltyMap's MathMod / blue crosshair", and MM's preview is gone then.
  16. Weird. Hehe. Oh well :( Figured it was worth a look, since the python log mentioned zClanMod and 0.9.6 folder.
  17. Manually... go into the World of Tanks folder, res_mods, and see if there are several version folders, or just the folder :)
  18. "ERROR: File "res_mods/0.9.6/...."" Clean up that res_mods folder, go into it and delete ALL files/folders, and then install the modpack again. (Just going by the python.log, don't know if it actually prevents the game from running..)
  19. Yeah, I'd love to see their reply to that image... they love Casstiel, so he could make a circle around the stats area, and ask them :P hehe
  20. Found this one, looks vanilla when it comes to the after battle report: http://i60.tinypic.com/w1xqp.jpg
  21. Imagine a support person that knows about the current known bugs... one would think they had access to that... :P
  22. Just throwing this one out there: Could you verify that your res_mods folder is empty, before installing the modpack? The python.log is showing: res_mods\0.9.8\ for the autoaim mod.
  23. You have XVM settings selected... but then at the bottom you picked this too; locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4 (note: will disable XVM minimap) Which might be the cause. (Just a guess from my side) Unrelated; You have two "no-no" mods selected for NA :P
  24. LOL.... this really brings new meaning to "support monkeys"... here's how their office looks, expenses for bananas must be high :P Wargaming Support Office:
  25. When Chrome flags a download as harmful, you can open the download list (Ctrl+J by default) And then click "Recover malicious file" or whatever it says.
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