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  1. what about the mod that shows in team chat that you were hit by enemy arty and when that arty will be reloaded? i can sorta see it falling under the third item on the list in the article.
  2. sry. didn't see this until after i'd already updated a few times.
  3. i was having the same issue earlier. i manually copied the contents of the witblitz zip in the DLC directory to the res_mods directory and now it seems to be ok.
  4. tried different combinations of numbers for both x and y. nothing changed.
  5. yep, i found that file. but what do i change and to what value? most of the file is in russian, btw. and we all know how (in)accurate google translator can be sometimes.
  6. anyone know how to modify zj marker re-load so the timer is in a different position? right now, it's showing up between the player name and tank name, so it's hard to read. also, any word on the return of the animated reload circle?
  7. hate to necro a post, but would this be possible if you had two installations of the game? i've tried it, but it always seems to remember the last installation options even though each game folder has its own _Aslains_Installer, _Aslains_Installer_CompList, and _Aslains_Installer_Options files.
  8. iirc, mod writer retired it earlier this year. i did see someone took the code and modded it on the chinese server recently.
  9. the windows task manager has a section to monitor network traffic, both ethernet and wifi. not the best, but it lets you easily see what's going on.
  10. @darth no, i only get it when running mods.
  11. i got the same thing. showing 0 shells in the garage. service window shows all shell types are full.
  12. any update on this? i get the same thing. east is blank and west always shows 4k players.
  13. what if i'm not running PMOD? i have the same chat issue and i run yasenkrasen.
  14. you could always have the modpack install it with the rest of the options you select. but, like aslain said, this one is the most stable and regularly updated.
  15. i've had that problem forever with yasenkrasen. only "fix" i know of is to restart your game. the drawback to restarting is that it resets some of the stats. i've never had that problem with roughneck. but i prefer yasenkrasen.
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