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Aslain's WoT essential-modpack

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In hard days like this, when a new WOT-patch is daily released and some "sub-mod-packer" could not delivere...

there maybe should be a "WOT essential-modpack " with necessary implements and no "nice-to-have"-features...


a) to give aslain the chance to react fast

b) give us players the "must haves"

c) give aslain time to create and test a fullfilling modpack in a stable version

d) to minimize the expectations off all the guys and girl who wants a stable modpack 10 seconds aftet  WOT-Update...


Last but not least... Aslain has to decide if such a essential-modpack should be realised and which content it could have...

Just wanna start a discussion of what is a must-have and what nice-to-have.


I'm looking forward for your comments ;-)



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aslain is  probably the fastest at getting a modpack out , everyone would agree who uses this mudpack .

I don't see the point of making must haves  as  everyone wud be  downloading many modpacks per day   and it would take aslain much much longer  doing it that way .

hes been doing it this way for a  very long time and every one appreciates it being done correctly . 


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