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game crash

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When I press the "Return to Garage" button, the game ends immediately.


This is the mode list of the mode pack you installed.


  ----------------------------[ The XVM section ]-------------------------------------------
         -----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]-------------------------------------
            OTM by Aslain
               1st line over HP bar
                  1st line: Vehicle name
                     star marker for premium vehicles
                     colored by ally/enemy
               Rating marker icon
                  Rating marker: square
               Low HP mark (below 25% hp)
                  Low HP mark: over the hp bar #2
               OTM Class Icons
                  OTM Class Icons: Default
               Style of floating damage texts
                  Colored text with black outlines
               Floating markings of destroyed vehicles
                  Angel Wings for both enemies, and allies
               Vehicle hp
                  Vehicle hp: current / max
               Stock turret marker
               Markers for spotted and flipped tanks on the OTM [XMQP]
               The shadow intensity behind OTM
                  weak shadow
         -------------------[ Panels & Windows (in-battle) ]--------------------------
            Panels by Aslain
               Battle Loading
                  Battle Loading: simple
               Statistics tab (under Tab key)
                  Statistics Tab: Simple
               Remove rank badge icon
               Players Panel
                  Medium panels (default)
                     Medium: full player's names
                  Large panel
                     Large: Simple panel #2 (overal stats only)
                  Start mode
                     Start mode: medium #1
                  Background transparency
                     transparency: 0 (full)
                  Display HP bars
                     HP bars: on the sides of panel (always visible)
                  Display enemy spotted markers
                     marker: Bulb #1 (from XVM)
                  Display client flags
                  Display XMQP markers [PP]
         ----------------------[ Color Scheme ]----------------------------------------------
            Green vs. Violet (CB)
         -----------------------[ The XVM player statistics ]-------------------------------
            Rating scale
               9 colors by Aslain (wotlab's old scale) [outdated!]
         ----------------- [ The 6th Sense settings ]--------------------------------------
            Display 6th sense icon for 10 seconds
            Custom icons
               Yellow Sign
            Sound alert (remember to select the user sound in-game options!)
               Timer #1 sound (10sec duration)
         ---------------------[ The hangar XVM settings ]-----------------------------------
            The price button in the tech tree & research page
            The mastery mark in the tech tree
            Enable gold locker
            Enable Free XP locker
            Change default currency from gold to credits for shells and consumables
            -----------------[ Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM ]-------------------------
               normal carousel
                  2 normal rows
                  Scale of carousel cells
                     1.0 (default)
                  Show advanced info on carousel
                     Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence (in percent), Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage + WN8 expected tank damage
         --------------------[ Other XVM Settings ]-------------------------------------------
            Enable Auto-login to the game
            Show server ping at login screen and in hangar
            Show online users at login screen
            Display repair timers on damage panel
            Colorize in-battle chat
      -----------------------[ The Mod Pack (non-XVM mods) ]----------------------------
         Vehicle Contour Icons
            Contour Icons installation mode (option to mirror tank contour icons)
               for XVM (check - if you're installing XVM)
            Aslains icons
               Simple with small font
         --------------------------[ PMOD ]------------------------------------
            Zoom-in for sniper mode
               Zoom-in: 2-4-8-16
            Zoom-out in arcade mode
               500m away max
            Scroll sensitivity in arcade view
               Low (5 - default)
            Default zoom settings (unchecked = remember last sniper zoom)
            Disable gun shake effect after shot
            Scope Shadow Remover
            Enable horizontal stabilization in sniper mode
            Armour Penetration Indicator
               Indicator from PMOD
            Server crosshair
               Awfultanker ServerMarker [doesn't work in spg view]
                  Pentagon blue
         ----------------------[ Crosshair mods ]------------------------------------------
               crosshair: Damocles Sword
            Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers)
         Custom Damage Indicator
            Indicator: version #2
            Extend the time of display to 14 secs [WITH EKSPOINT AD]
         Direction indicator to closest enemy
         -----------------------[ Aim Helping mods ]---------------------------------------
            Safe Shot Extended
               Block shooting at wrecks for 2s
         -------------------[ Chat mods  ]----------------------------------
            Reload Messanger (sends reload info to chat on 'C' key)
         -------------------[ Damage Logs ]-----------------------------------
            Damage Log GambitER
            Move logs to the right
         -------------------[ Non-XVM hitlogs ]-----------------------------------
            InBattle WN8 Calculator [WITH EKSPOINT AD]
               MHL: WN8 + DMG + LAST DMG + EFF + DIFF
         Team HP Pool
            Team HP Counter WGL [PMOD]
         GOLD ammo visibility mod
            Red (apcr) - Gold (heat)
         -------------------[ Graphical performance mods ]-----------------------------------
            No Fog + Max Far Plane
         -----------------------[ Garage mods ]-------------------------------------------
            -------------------[ Session Statistics ]-----------------------------------
               YasenKrasen session stats
                  YK: Core [EN,PL]
                     Background: v3
                  Graphical Battle Messages [EN]
                  Reset the stats daily (at 6:00am)
                  Enable special addons (beta)
         -------------------[ Texture & models ]--------------------------------------
            White Death Skins
               White Death Tanks
               White Death Tracks
         --------------------------[ Map Mods ]-------------------------------
            Friendly arty aiming position
               minimap icon
                  minimap icon v3
         ---------------------[ Various mods ]-----------------------------------------
            Show PW saving box (for Asia server only)
            Preferred Server - keeping server selected

    Installation options
         Delete all previous mods from the game (strongly advised)
         Delete Python logs (advised)
         Delete game caches



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