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wrong files are loading from installer

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yes i have ran the installer twice because first time hakabase historical didnt load, so i picked panzerschiffer this time and that didnt load either. this is what i am getting instead



Running complete clean reinstall now with Hakabase historical and panels now. will upload log file when complete and check a battle

latest log. should show the correct things i am selecting


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3 minutes ago, Loose_ said:

same result


running yet another fresh install now. into a fresh install of the game also


I've fixed MatchMaking Monitor mod, there was contour icons packed inside instead of proper mod. So cleaning up DLC folder and re-downloading mods should fix it.

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Me too.  Looks like the installer changelog shows MajorRenegade's contour icons, but there is no installer option for it... instead it is installed by default. 

For players- I worked around it by deleting the ship_dead_icons, ship_icons and ship_own_icons folders from inside (wows install folder)/res_mods/

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