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They're old though, back from 0.5-ish



I see no link to them in 0.7 or recent

And I'm not sure how branches would work out, i.e. for IJN and Russian DDs, upcoming USN CLs, and possibly IJN Converted CV splits

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I always thought these used the flags that the user has installed, if any - I get the historical flags because I installed a flag mod that provides them, but if I don't, I get the game standard flags. The tech tree just defines what ships are listed.


Oh well. Please do keep adding the tech tree mod that is getting actively maintained; it's very handy!

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On 2/5/2018 at 8:08 PM, 3li7e_NGineer420 said:

Another minor request to change "Heavy Cruiser" to "Armored Cruiser" to fit the CA abbreviation used in chat if the mod is implemented

The USN designation for heavy cruiser is CA.  

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