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player rating on player panel health bar...

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i have recently been trying to remove the "clutter" from my setup, and have been removing info which i realized i've been ignoring for a long time.  generally tidying up.  to that end, i've started using the "short" player panel, and i choose to not show player names on the panel (if i'm interested in names, a quick touch of the tab key is all i need).  i also use the "hp bars: thin" to show hp, but the one thing i've found i'm missing which i wish i had was the player rating showing somehow at a glance in the short player panel. 


for the OTM i have the option "rating marker, square on hp bar" selected (rather than have another separate star or square icon, i like the compact look of it and it shows everything i need). 


i'm attaching a couple screenshots below to show how things look now for both the player panel (missing the player rating) and the OTM (having the player rating).  


i'd like to see as an option to include this small square for rating on the thin hp bar, in a similar fashion as on the OTM.  


if it's not desired to include on the mod, perhaps someone can help me make the modification?  i tried for a while in the config files myself, and ended up only making a mess of it. 


in any case, i think it's a natural thing to have the similar functionality on the player panel like that as on the OTM... looks good. 






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as a brief update to this -- if anyone is interested -- i finally played around with it a bit more.  and, although i couldn't get the positioning right with the rating square being to the side of the health bar quite right, i did manage to get a square which does the job, and doesn't look so bad.  i'll likely play around with it a bit and see how i like it in-game, but here's the first try.  


so, for anyone interested: 


edit \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\PP\playersPanel_short.xc , and add the following line in both the sections labeled "extraFieldsLeft" and "extraFieldsRight" (for me, i added them at the end of the sections, just before the empty "{}" lines. 

{"x": 55, "y":  10 , "bgColor": "{{c:r}}", "h":  5 , "w": "5"},

easy peasy.  the results are shown in the attached screenshot. compared to without, as from original post above, i think this is clean and adds a bit of utility without being too distracting. 


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