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1 minute ago, wade_gaskins said:

I think was meaning without having to re-download every update. Not the connection itself. 

Download part was mentioned after it.

And I know he could just as well mean "go to the website" :)


It's such a small thing to do - as Aslain himself said :)

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  • 2 months later...

So only because something worked for years its not possible for the users to get a improvement ?

I rly do like the Aslain Mod Pack and i appreciate the work behind it, but iam slowly getting sick of checking every few days or on game update for next modpack update.


Personaly, i would LOVE to see a auto updater, maybe even a Shortcut to "check update and start wows after",

so just click "modchecker.exe" , you get the option to:

- "just update and start", it checks for updates on mods you have installed, starting Game(launcher) after this

- "search mods" (there you go to the old menu where you can choose all the mods you want)


Dont tell me thats not a user friendly improvement.. 

I mean, its not like you have 1000 of adds on your page to say like "i want a bit of add revenue by letting the ppl come to the website", i dont even run adblock on this site..

and i would not be hard to implement a Banner or a live window to the website...


So, i ask you, as a fan and user, to rethink about your opinion to a auto updater, modlauncher, how ever you want to call it.


Thanks for reading and keep going, what ever way you decide.

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7 hours ago, Syrok said:

I rly do like the Aslain Mod Pack and i appreciate the work behind it, but iam slowly getting sick of checking every few days or on game update for next modpack update.


Dont tell me thats not a user friendly improvement.. 

You don't have to check every few days - you could 'follow' the thread where changelogs are posted, and you'll have the changelog in your inbox right when an update is released - easy fast access to see the changelog - see if there's a change that affects you.

Is there a fix or a new edition that you want, then get the new modpack

Is there nothing that really affects you, or your things already working as they should, then go by the saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', and continue happily using your current installation.


While it may be a user friendly improvement - the work required to change to a completely different installer, probably learn a new installer language and what not, isn't just a small project or a quick thing to do.


Last of all, the link to the thread you should follow: http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/13-aslains-xvm-mod-modpack-installer-wpicture-sound-preview/

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IMO that is just being Lazy. Aslain is ONE person who makes the mod pack. Not a company like Wargaming with a shit ton of people working on a game. No he does not make all the mods but he does make a few of them and put's all of them together in the mod pack. This is all done for FREE on his own time. 


Additionally, if you simply run your current version of the installer it will check for and update. If there is one it will take you to the download page and with ONE click you can download the new installer. With a 2nd click you can install it and a 3rd to run it. 


So if your too lazy to click your mouse 3 times then I'm glad I'm not part of your sad  "I want everything for nothing life".


Complaining about 3 click's on your mouse for a free mod pack is the height of laziness. 

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  • 1 month later...

In my understanding, you don’t even need to download every sub-version (talking about the 0.#) for a few tweaks unless they effect the mods that you have selected. So if you are lazy, you can just update every time WG does a major update on the game and a completely new version of the modpack comes out too. This way you don’t need to check the website every few days ;)


However, if going to the website is something that’s too much, how about downloading discord and getting the update log on the wows text channel. It’s as easy as checking if something is up only with your phone.

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