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game chat randomly disconnects

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I've had an issue with a mod since about 2-3 weeks


Every now and then, the chat disconnects : i can't add people to friend list, blacklist, and read private messages (even though the chat window blinks in orange color)


It get frozen with the loading wheel "connecting" (kinda like the "synchronizing garage" one when a battle ends and you are in hangar). At that time, i can either wait the time needed for the chat to connect back by itself, or restart the game


I've been trying each one of my mods one by one, and it's caused by the file named "libs.networking.wotmod" in /mods/


I have a few other mods, but none of them are troubling other mods, since they only affect the game appearance (old girls und panzer crew icons, golden type 64, girls und panzer GUI, etc)


I still can play with it, but it's frustrating when you see someone messaged you and you can't read it (have to fully restart the game, and hope it wasn't a long message in that case it's dismissed automatically by the game


anyway, if anyone has a clue what is going wrong with my mods, i'd be happy to read about it





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Mods are unrelated in causing that issue. It'll happen without mods too.


It's WG's issue and has been ongoing for a loooooooooooooooong time. And they simply don't seem to care at all. (Sure, they've posted in a thread about it.. but nothing is being done.)


This post is 4 months old, for example; http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/659819-chat-issues-2401/

And there was threads before that too. :(

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