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WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

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I have downloaded your mod packs and am currently on version .02 (third Version) still having problems with crashing to desktop either coming out of battle or if I am dead in game leaving to go back to garage. No Warning the game just closes and have to reopen WOT client to start again.


This does not happen at the end of every battle but seem more frequent after playing for some time.


I have added the log when this last happened at 18.38 BST today 13/06/18


If you need other logs please leave me a message had added both WargamingGameUpdater which shows the point of crash and also using your Archiver logs software hope this will be fine.



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I installed without the XVM options enabled and still CTD after nearly every match after the installation of the _04 update tonight.

I already made a bug report earlier with logs but I'll add my more recent python.log which shows a lot of errors loading the hangar.

It looks like it's related to this soccer mode event too.


I was playing strongholds and it's fine in game but after every match> right to desktop.


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As I mentioned several times, the is something with mods dependencies in Aslain. Unistall modpack, than install xvm from developer site (if you need it mostly) , than take some needed mods from Aslain modpack (uncheck all xvm options) than try to play. If you'll get CTD , just take needed mods separately from developers , not from Aslain modpack. Taht's it.

For me it worked

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