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HD Minimap Black & White

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Woah, I like this, I'm so using it.


Can visualize the battle lines virtually instantly with B/W maps and colored icons.


machine_GER, what other minimap mods do you use? I really like the Skull & crossbones for your knocked out tanks

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this is a somewhat older screenshot.

at the moment I use the minimap config by Artasan. if a tank was destroyed, a skull on the map is visible for about 2 seconds .

the symbols for destroyed tanks are apparently deposited in the swf or pyc files. at any rate I could not find a referring to the icons in the xml files.


the skull in the old screenshot is a dingbat typeface by windows. unfortunately, as my knowledge is not sufficient to integrate them into the corresponding files...

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Are these maps based on Locastans HD? Who is author? Website?


based on locastans.


some time ago I want to edit locastans Maps ( contrast / color / saturation / etc ) . during the revision I then found that I like the variation in b & w best. since that time I fit locastans maps to my taste . But these are only a few clicks in photoshop ;)


thx for adding them

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