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PPs are a bit strange.

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As of today i have had issues with Aslains XVM OTM/Panels. It has always worked perfectly but today the following issues has appeared; flags are not showing up on TAB panel, the font is misaligned (see picture), Side panels are not showing flags, badges, xvm icon etc (badges are shown under TAB) I have the option selected to "ignore flags selected by users on on the XVM site". My initial thought was that WG has altered something, thus making promised changes to block XVM.


I wish someone could reproduce this and verify if it is something on my part that causes these issues.  Note: when using other Panels from i.e. Solo, Webium etc the fonts are not bugged, and flags are shown under TAB, but only those who have selected flags on the XVM site. 

See pictures. 


Any advice is appreciated. 



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Adding screenshots etc
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3 minutes ago, Aslain said:

It's totaly different issue than the one I was talking about on chat. Much easier to understand the problem when you post pictures.

It's hard to explain, i'm not so good in English. Also, the XVM thingy in the garage is not showing my average tier (7.34) and my Eff is totally wrong. See pic. 


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5 hours ago, Aslain said:

Have you tried without Ui scale mod? As of missing flags, nothing I can do about it since the config is proper.

The flag issue might be something with WG and privacy as the flags on www.wotl-life.com is also gone on many players. As for the font issue, not using UI scale at all....im at loss :(  Is there any forum you can recommend for answers to these issues ?


Answer regarding flags;



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