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Panel: BADoBEST v2 problem

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Hi Aslain. In the screenshot below you ll see that there s the settings window for the forementioned mod. The problem is that as soon as I hit the gear icon up on the left corner, the settings window now falls on top of it so I can't turn the window off. So I either have to uninstall the mod or leave it as it is. I tried some things so I could access the gear icon but to no avail. Any solution for this? Thank you.Screenshot_4.thumb.png.4546a58f5e93e728a4f53b811d3e1e29.png

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2 hours ago, larsyxa said:

ltest modpack 0.8.2 02.

Have the same issue. annoying as shit.

Things like that are stored in preferences.xml, maybe try to delete this file. It will probably reset your in-game settings as well so back it up first and see how it goes.


1 hour ago, NTs said:

Latest was installed anyway. Issue does not exist when mods uninstalled. But the problem is that the gear icon cannot be accessed since the settings window falls on top of it. In any case, logs below. Thanks.

Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip 127.51 kB · 0 downloads

Tested your mod setup, works fine. Try that trick I posted in previous message.

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Nothing wrong with the setup indeed. The problem is as I described it above, the settings window appearing after gear icon is clicked falls on top of it so the icon can't be clicked to turn the window off. Don't know yet how to reset the preferences.xml file but I will try it and report back. Still a hassle though but nevertheless, thx for the quick response.

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Hi Aslain,


I have a different issue with BADoBEST panel v1. It works as usual except the health bars are not colored (either in default or costum setting).

Or it could be the bars don't get data and show zero. All the other aspects of the mod work as usual. Also it was working fine till the previous version #01.

Dunno if my issue should go on a post of its own or the 2 bugs are related.



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I have an identical problem to JeT with BADoBEST panel v1.


The settings menu that seems broken for lots of other people actually works fine for me - it's the panels themselves that don't function properly.


They worked fine in the first release for 8.2 from yesterday, but something seems broken with today's version.






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Back to you. I decided to install the side pane from AutoSpy and I just had the same problem lamented by the guys above: the mod work, the setting panel too, but once opened it's impossible to close it since it can't be moved around and, either the X is in the top part outside the screen, or it's matter to click again on the sprocket that now is behind the panel itself.



PS: I tried re-launch the game and unfortunately the setting panel is still open in the upper left corner.



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edit "res_mods\\gui\unbound\team_structure.xml"

        <bind name="watch" value="'SBPositionX'; (userPrefs.IMPositionX.SB == null)  ? ((stageSize.x / 2) - 200) :  userPrefs.IMPositionX.SB"/>
        <bind name="watch" value="'SBPositionY'; (userPrefs.IMPositionY.SB == null)  ? ((stageSize.y / 2) - 100) :  userPrefs.IMPositionY.SB"/>


        <bind name="watch" value="'SBPositionX'; (userPrefs.IMPositionX.SB == null)  ? ((stageSize.x / 2) - 100) :  userPrefs.IMPositionX.SB"/>
        <bind name="watch" value="'SBPositionY'; (userPrefs.IMPositionY.SB == null)  ? ((stageSize.y / 2) - 50) :  userPrefs.IMPositionY.SB"/>


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