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Siege mode bugged.

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For some time now I experience an annoying bug within the Swedish siege mode. Using Shift to switch to snipper view in combination with X to switch to siege mode very often, but not always, will bring you into sniper mode, but with siege mode not working. That requires another touch on the X-key and again to get into siege mode. In relation to this using shift to leave sniper mode will regularly result in a view through the wire model of the tank, which requires applying shift again, and also when using the X-key to get into siege mode will result in not entering it but having the tank rotate in an undesirable direction (also very annoying) and the need to apply the siege mode key twice more. This has cost me several unnecessary deaths and also some missed shot opportunities.

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" very often, but not always" - this is a random factor that makes it hard to check. I don't own this tank, so I'm unable to check it properly. We can only look into your logs for potential errors so yeah, attach logs which is mandatory on troubleshooting, I'd also suggest you to try to play without mods for some time to see if there is similar behaviour or not.

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