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Battle hits in English

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Battle hits is a very useful tool for after battle analysis of shots received and given, However, it is in Russian, which I can't read. I noticed QuickyBaby has an English version in his modpack. Also on Tornado's website, you can see he has English captions in his version. 


Is there a way to change the language in the mod to English (settings menu is also in Russian). If not, can the English version of Tornado's Battle Hits mod be included as an option?



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These seem to be the languages that it'll auto-select, probably based on client then. Though some of them aren't really translated at all. Not sure if a copy of the en.yml file could just be made, and renamed, to match other languages, so it'll show english.

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It's me, I cloned english to various languages, I probably didn't include the one from the OP. Unfortunately the maker of Battle hits didin't care much about the other languages.... and default is russian when no translation can be found...

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I tried to locate those files you specified to see if I could do anything with it, and couldn't find them. I think my issue will be solved if you clone en.yml and rename it appropriately for Dutch ( i guess that would be du.yml).  If that file could be provided to me as a txt file, I would be happy to translate it to Dutch

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I guess the english one could be duplicated for all possible languages then, the files are inside the wotmod file for Battle Hits.


If you wanna mess around with it to see if you can get Dutch working, the location you need to find is:


You can use 7-zip (freeware) to open it and what not. If you repackage it yourself - remember to use "store" option, with zip. So there's no compression being done. And then rename it back to wotmod.


The yml files opened fine it seemed in Notepad++ (freeware)

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I also want to know what are the ways to change the language.
I am playing at SEA server and running the game in Traditional Chinese (I believe the language code is zh_tw).
I know there are several languages prepared in the mods file, so I've looked for settings to change the default mod language but didn't find it.
I also tried decompressed the mod to editing the ru.yml file or adding a new file named zh_tw.tml, then compressed back to .wotmod again.
Idea was good, but game cannot load the mod after I modified it. I compressed the mod with winrar using .zip format and 'store' compression method ( heard this is the only setting that people make mods).
Think I'm getting close, can anyone give me some suggestion?

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25 minutes ago, Neeba said:

Think I'm getting close, can anyone give me some suggestion?

Sounds like you did it right.. did you name it .wotmod after you re-made it with .zip format and "Store"?

Did you accidentally change the folder structure by making the 'wotmod' out of the wrong folder?

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