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Mark of Excellence calculator automatic

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i have a problem with this mod mark of Excellence calculator.

In game to mod+preferences settings im set to UI in battle @Circon choice [twitch.tv/circon]  this profile i prefer it. And the problem is when select other tanks, playing with other tanks, or close the game, this (Profile) UI in battle automatic change in @Skill4atu choice [twitch.tv/skill4tu] how can stop it?

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See spaces between words? C:\World of Tanks


There is slight chance that his mod is not supporting them, especialy that he mentioned in his post that he is not supporting foreign names in path.


You can also try to change directory with WOT to C:\World_of_Tanks in theory it can help with your problem.



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1 hour ago, Karolin said:

And im try it edited with notped some files and not working

Stopped using this mod after v4, but i just tested this v7 and it saves selected style (after game restart or replay ALT+NUM9 scrolling).
Anyway inside ...mods/configs/spoter/marksOnGunExtended/marksOnGunExtended.json file is updated each time you change settings ingame.

So... for Circon UI style should be saved as "UI": 4,  (try checking if saved after you apply or close game)
Maybe you have some weird permission issue with game/drive, so it resets to default each time you start wot (...my wild guess)?

If you wanna mess with config and use custom "battleMessage" and "battleMessageAlt"
make sure UI is set to 0 (or inside settings to config) also avoid ALT+NUM9 if using custom config, and for low of god don't use basic notepad when editing config files.

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