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Incorrect password issue

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I tried to install this mod pack for the first time ever because i was told how great it was. Unfortunately after installing the mod pack, when trying to log into the game it says my password is incorrect. I can log into the hub perfectly fine with the same password. I uninstalled the mod pack and now I can play again. Not sure what I did wrong, but I would love to play with some mods, as I am still learning how to play. I am on NA servers if it matter. Thank you

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i can see from your logs that you have preferred server and region changer mods installed, its possible that its trying to log you into the wrong server (IE logging into EU). your login details will ONLY work with the NA client, i would try reinstalling the mod-pack with those two mods disabled and see if it works

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if you rerun the installer without uninstalling the modpack the installer should pick up your last selected options automaticly, then its just a case of deselecting those two mods and continue with the modpack install, just MAKE SURE you tick the box saying delete all mods in the installer and you should be fine 





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