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Giving your mod setup to someone else ?

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I want to be able to give my Aslain setup to other people who want it. Which files would I need to send to someone to overlay my choices onto their Aslain's please ?


The way I thought of doing it was this. Get them to install Aslain's with just default setup. Overlay my files. They then reinstall and it takes all my options.


Is it possible ?

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5 hours ago, Quaksen said:


Ok I tried this and maybe I did something wrong. Firstly I did a fresh install of Aslain's on a 2nd computer and updated Aslain's on the first to make sure they were exactly the same version. I let it install with all the default options ticked on the 2nd computer. I started the game to make sure they were there and yes they were. I then closed the game and overwrote the file you said with the file on my main computer. I then restarted Aslain's setup on the 2nd computer. My options from the first computer were not there. All the default options were still ticked. Have I missed something ?

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