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Donloader V. 00 & 01 fails to download Pogs

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Hi there, 

thanks for all the work as usual. 


I'v encountered an issue in the  01 Version and as the title says the installer fails to download the POGS icon (404). (First one: MAX FSR RLD VR)

Not a complaint, especially since its so early, just wanted to let you know.

Since its not an issue in the game I doubt logs are much use.
Thanks and have a nice day.

E: Updated to  v01


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I was about to tell you "try runing as admin", check AV and stuff...but...

I checked and all 4 PogS icons and got no errors.
For some reason only 13 icons got installed and battleAtlas is inclomplete (with #1Color MAX, #2Color DMG, #3Color Simple).
only #4Clear Simple installs all icons.

Try using PogS/Clear Simple until it's resolved?

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