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do u know this?

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1 hour ago, Melkovich said:

In Garage only? The Pogs icons are contour icons, not Garage Tank Symbols.

They are contour icons true.
But what Aslain said and what ratten shown with image are individial icons (gui\maps\icons\vehicle\contour) only used inside hangar.

In battle single file is used: battleAtlas (gui\flash\atlases) with all contour icons inside.
Problem was only 13 PogS icons where added inside battleAtlas and rest where vanilla contour icons (not only individual icons where missing but Atlas was incomplete aswell).

EDIT: Aslain was faster to respond, but you get the idea. :sweat_smile:

EDIT2: Modpack Altases are still incomplete (until resolved use PogS/Clear Simple)




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Thanks for explaining. Though I have to answer this with yes.:

vor 3 Stunden schrieb Aslain:

You missunderstood me. Contor icons you see in battle are not png images, but are textures in .dds. Do you have any problem with POgS in battle?

Most tanks are show up as basic grey countour icons, only very few Fv4202 for instance are pogs icons.

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