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Installer does not install the required mods

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Unfortunately, the installer does not install the required mods.

I found out that this was probably caused by the path to the game. My WoT instalation folder is F:\!! Games !!\World of Tanks

If i redirect installer to another location (F:\test\WoT) and then copy instaled modes manualy, everything works fine.

Pls Aslain can you chceck and fix this?


Thank you.

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Looks like the installer might have issues with the exclamation marks in the path then.

And you might actually be the only person that has that, since noone else has mentioned this before.

Aslain will have a look at it when he can :)

5 hours ago, leeuniverse said:

During install simply select the correct Install Folder...

lee, did you just totally ignore the post before making that reply, or what? :confused:

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I had no problem until I did a new, clean installation of Aslain mode. Since then, some modes have not been installed. Interestingly, they don't all do it. For example, I can't change the symbol of 6 sense and contour icon. Conversely, the sights can be changed.

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