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XVM error

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debugPanel 7 doesn't use "debugPanelbg".
Judging by screenshot error there is extra format  ${"battleLabelsDebugPanel.xc": "def.debugPanelbg"}
inside battleLabels.xc for some reason (that points to non-existing def).

same inside xvm.log

JSONxLoaderException: Bad reference: ${"battleLabelsDebugPanel.xc": "def.debugPanelbg"} in "res_mods/configs/xvm\Aslain\battleLabelsDebugPanel.xc:battleLabels/formats[20]"
Object "./def" has no key "debugPanelbg"

@John11 Post battleLabels.xc together with battleLabelsDebugPanel.xc

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i fixed it now there was same line in that battleLabels.xc for def.debugpanelbg like you was showing non-existing def i removed that def line and all work fine now and the custom info panels i have work no xvm errors and thanks for the help

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@John11 You caused this error, not modpack, not my configs.

You probably did use debugpanel with background before, then you decided to try infopanel, after that you switched debugpanels and leave old battlelabels.xc behind.

Like Aslain said, next time mention this stuff. :expressionless:

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