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What mod is breaking Frontline

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  • John11 changed the title to What mod is breaking Frontline
25 minutes ago, John11 said:

where are they on the list cant find the damn things

-------------------[Other XVM Settings]------------------------------
XVM sight
-------------------[Non-XVM hitlogs]----------------------------------
In battle statistics by Rajcel
-------------------[Garage mods]--------------------------------------
Battle Hits Viewer


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@John11 Since you have some ConsumablePanel / infoChargedShell.py errors inside logs
try without xvm sight, until next modpack:
            XVM sight
               Aim Info
                  Sight: Aim Time
                  Sight: Flight Time
                  Sight: change color from white to green
                  Sight: position no. 3 (on the bottom)

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Some equipment_ctrl.py & consumables_panel.py errors remaining,
might be Shell Info (updated in v1.6.0.2 #01) or as you said repair by izeberg?
Something conflicts or something is out of date (need update).

Grab new modpack, clean install it,
do some test runs (don't burn boosters).

If still having issue, post fresh logs.

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i found it stupid fucking me again :rage: i us legionlost damage panel from the modpack and i use the consumable panel part to change it to blue from LegionLost_BattleInterface_v3.3.1 what was fucking my game up was i was still on the old version how stupid can you get lol i usually update it or remove it if aslain removes the damage panel from the modpack

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