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[] WoT hanging on return to garage

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I removed all BUT "XVM only Aslains recommended" [or whatever the preset is] and it's working smoothly. Only my custom settings are giving issues. 


I'll try play around with it by adding one at a time and if I find any combination that causes issue again I'll update. 



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I had this problem too.   I went into my WoT folder then to Aslains Mod Folder and used the "unins000" and it cleared out everything I had forgotten about, then I reinstalled Mod Pak and seems to be working fine now.


It's back, but I was able to play about 12 games before it happened again.

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Problem is back
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Hey guys, I have the same problem, it says "Updating the garage" and it freezes. PC needs a restart to bring back to life. Random problem, maybe after each game, maybe after 10 games. I gradually removed mods, leaving only "xvm team" and it still happens. I removed MoE, wn8 in battle, stats in garage, no change yet. Please give us something, Aslain. Thank you buddy 

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it happens when you quit a match after being destroyed and start another one.


after the second battle, game freezes in "updating garage". it happens only if two battle results are shown at the same time. i tried this many times and it is certain that it happens only if two battle results are waiting.

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