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Line & font thickness

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Is there a mod where you can change the thicknesses of the lines used around the silhouette of a spotted tank or reticle to make it thicker & more pronounced?

The same goes for circles & shapes around the base or anywhere the line is either thin or w/ various colour schemes behind them.
I have difficult seeing lines around certain objects, depending on their colour & the background colour. Does anyone else have this same issue?

E.g.: The RED silhouette surrounding enemy tanks in general and/or whenever it's behind foliage, I find it difficult to distinguish the edge of rocks when a tank is partially covered but lit up.


In fact I find it hard to find my cursor, the reticle, the aiming dot in the center of the reticle in many styles offered by the mod pack, etc. Especially w/ certain backgrounds or colours behind them.

Blue circles on a white background disappear, the reticle triangle or dot is so hard to find I have to first push my cursor into the sky background to find it so I can follow it back down to the tank I am aiming at.

This is especially difficult depending on the backgrounds used but it can be simply dark enough behind a tank, where I lose the reticle completely as soon as it covers that area be it trees, foliage, a barn, anything.


I have found BLUE works well if it is bright enough & if the thickness is enough but even w/ various reticle styles, though there are a TON to choose from, there are really none that suit my needs completely as every one of them either disappears completely at some point or is incredibly difficult to see & this is not just sometimes, it is a constant battle for me to see them.

I am NOT visually impaired nor colour blind. I just find the colour choices rather silly.

E.g.: Who's silly idea was it to use a GREEN coloured reticle on a green background of forest? Come on, how dumb are you?

They offer a completely white reticle and aim circle which is perfect when its always dark, but as soon as you have the sky as the background, it's gone.

It's like no one was thinking when they made a blackish reticle aiming circle when the entirety of the background is dark.


Can anyone help?

I'd love to see a mod where I could take a reticle and thicken its lines or darken / lighten the colour or brightness to suit my needs; make the circles way more prominant.

It's NOT like WoT doesn't do this for some things but fails to consider it for others. Some lines are really thick while some reticles are very thin.

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It's impossible IIRC. Only changing color is possible :( Maybe try to ask on WG forums.

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Are you saying it is NOT possible to create such a mod for this, to make such a change?
Or are you saying there is NO mod that can do anything like this currently?

I really have no idea how any of this is done, IIRC means nothing to me & I am a complete neophobe when it comes to any of this.


I have asked WoT multiple times over the years & they always say they'll send my request to the developers but they've never addressed any of my requests.


One more thing...

Thank you so much for the time & effort you put in to making my gaming experience WONDERFUL when playing WoT.

When I do not have my mod pack (like now!! cause the latest version hasn't been uploaded yet) I find the game uncomfortable & nearly unplayable.


... the information I can see at a glance

... checking what skills & perks my tank has while in-game at the press of a button

... seeing if my tank is outside of the 15m camo circle range

... auto-crew-return & all the info within the tank cubicles WoT doesn't provide

... my personalized zoom settings

... stabilizing my gun when I fire

... selecting effects I want to see when I kill a tank.


Every one of these mods fine tunes & personalizes WoT in ways that make playing without them painfully awkward.



Keep up your mazing work & efforts, I appreciate ALL you do for me, you are the best, Aslain.

Thank you


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I don't mean to be condescending here but... Have you gone in and looked at your settings for the reticle? There is a slider bar for the alpha. Just a possible solution for something silly that may have been missed.

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (4).png

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