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Any Way to Put Off Upcoming Update 1.10?

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Is there any way to avoid (temporarily) installing WoT updates? 


Update 1.10 looks like it will be a whopper, and it will probably take Aslain longer than usual to fix things. In the mean time, I would rather continue to play the current update of WoT with an Aslain's that works, rather than install the WoT update and try to play the game without Aslain's.


I think it is technically possible, right?


I just go into settings on the WoT GameCenter and turn off anything related to auto-update, auto-download, and the like. Then I ignore the storm of prompts telling me to get with the program. 


The question is, if I try to avoid taking 1.10, will the server break the game (i.e., in my account), or anything like that? 





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Um, Yeah, I see what you mean. 


No update 1.10 = no logon to the game. 


Looks like I'll probably spend the next few days trying to figure out this Equipment 2.0 "improvement". 


Thanks for sharing the wisdom. 

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Never, the launcher won't even start the game, it doesn't have to verify if you want to update the game or not, it promptly checks the servers upon launcher start if an update is available, if you do indeed start an instance of WoT client, then you won't be able to connect to the servers.

Your idea is as impractical as it sounds.


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