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Installer crashed due to resource leak

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Your installer has a resource leak! I navigated more times through all the mods in the tree reading the descriptions and it crashed with this error:

2021-01-28 04:23:04.204   [ImagePreview]Image file :%TEMP%\is-ALBIG.tmp\contouricons_Panzerschiffer.jpg
2021-01-28 04:23:04.204   [SoundExtraction] No Sound Extracted
2021-01-28 04:23:04.205   Exception message:
2021-01-28 04:23:04.205   Message box (OK):
                          System Error.  Code: 1158.
                          The current process has used all of its system allowance of handles for Window Manager objects.
2021-01-28 04:23:04.207   AppMessageBox failed.

See the attached log file which I found in the %TEMP% folder.


Regards 4 ur work!


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13 minutes ago, rider_vava said:

WTF, this is a crappy installer!


Or crappy nor badly maintained pc, I previewed all the mods in the installer 5 times: 


Started with this memory usage:




Ended up on this:




Only 13+78MB taken after very extensive mod previewing (nobody is previewing all 1500 mods for the 5 times), thats around 8M increase only.

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