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Realtime Achievement Announcer working inaccurately

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I'll start with saying that I can't really provide the screenshots nor logs (made few clean installs after I've stopped using that mod). Also not sure if this bug is connected directly with the modpack, if not, forwarding it to the creator probably would be the better idea.


Anyway, I've started using the realtime achievement announcer some days ago, but I've noticed that it sometimes says that I got a medal, which I didn't really get. Can't list all of the cases when this happened, however, I've noticed one pattern. When a medal requires you to kill several tanks that fulfill some conditions, the mod only checks if the last tank fulfills it, i.e. announcer shown the Lehväslaiho's Medal on my screen after I killed my 2nd tank in a battle. When the battle was already finished, to my surprise there was no such medal awarded to me. I've checked the tanks I destroyed and only the 2nd one was 2 tiers higher than mine.

This happened to me at least several times, usually with Lehväslaiho's Medal or Oskin's medal.


I've stopped using the mod since then, but I think I may have noticed some other medal announcements popping in the game and I didn't get them after the battle. Would be good if someone else tested that as well.

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When this mod appeared in russian forums they had huge problems with it.

Its a very unstable mod.


Found a reworked, maybe try it Aslain.





(very russian though)




Setting mode:

Maud has a configuration file (WOT / res_mods / client version / scripts / client / mods / ProAchivments / ProAchivments.ptc) with which you can configure:

"AchivesAnonce": true, - concluded the achievements earned;

"FragsAnonce": true, - alerts frags;

"LeftTimeAnonce": true, - notification of the end of the fight;

To change the status change true to false.


all option, change to false ??

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