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Gun reload sound mod ("ding" or something like a bell sound)

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Hello, Aslain.


In Gun reload sound mod have "UP", "Sabot UP" and "Click" sound.


Can you add some more sound like "ding" in messenger software or some sound like a "bell sound"


It's easy to recognize when fighting in battlefield with many sound


Thank you

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this is youtube link to "ding", "ding dong" and "Censor Beep Sound Effect" sound. I also attach .mp3 file i have edited (shorten them to 1s and volume booster). use them in "Gun reload sound mod" if you think them useful


Ding - Sound Effect


Ding Dong - SOUND EFFECT - Old Door Bell


Censor Beep Sound Effect

Ding - Sound Effect_2.mp3

Ding Dong - SOUND EFFECT - Old Door Bell.mp3

Censor Beep Sound Effect.mp3

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Thanks Aslain for the mod.


I use this mod and find that may be the sound of "bell" too loud and can make people uncomfortable (the file I post in previous post has volume booster x3 compare to original).


I reupload the "bell" sound with original volume (x1) and volume booster x2,x3. You can choose what suit the mod (or add both of them to the mod and let user choose)

Ding - Sound Effect_x1.mp3

Ding - Sound Effect_x2.mp3

Ding - Sound Effect_x3.mp3

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