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Issues with Battle Loading panel WN8 and font

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I saw a similar problem crop up and replied in that thread, but I wanted to start my own with the logs. I'll remove those posts.


Since client update earlier I have two versions of WN8 being used in-game. During the Battle Load window I see it correctly, the way I have it setup. It shows Simple With Vehicle Names using the four digit WN8 format. However, the right hand side of the window shows player names in a default MS system font, and the left shows the normal XVM font like it should be. I have zero Name Plate options, I use a bare minimum install with just color indications and WN8 (four digit standard). During the countdown to battle it reverts to XWN8 in the player panels and uses the old color system (four colors only). However after it loads and I press Tab, I see the WOT Labs colors like I have it set to.


Reinstalled/uninstalled XVM and your installer. Reinstalled WOT fresh (full new download, vanilla), reinstalled modpack again, did not help. If you need a screenshot I can restart WOT later and get it. 



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This is after my small fix today:




There is still this WN8 vs XWN8, looking into it.


If you want to see WN8 on Players Panel, select any panel from the menu, otherwise you will get default XVM. Because so many people have this issue think I will simply change default XVM to WN8.

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I have same problems with players stats, after the last client update minipach.In battle loading pannel, xwn8 is displayed corectly, but in game xwn8 values are displayed with random values.

I have done all the steps from first post (including new fresh WOT install).I'd also downgrade Aslains xvm mod installer to v.4.2.47 vers, wich was working corectly till WOT last update and aslain's v4.2.52, but no success.Same random value for XWN8 on all players, not only on my stat.






Also, aiming time doesn't display correct value. Instead of 5.3 sec, for example, it is displayed:  -159.6 sec.And with target fully aimed: -59 sec




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Also, aiming time doesn't display correct value. Instead of 5.3 sec, for example, it is displayed:  -159.6 sec.And with target fully aimed: -59 sec


Turn off server crosshair in game options, and also uninstall it if you installed from the modpack. This mod has a conflict with these settings.

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Good, I've changed default rating in default xvm, it's better that way, than to explain to everyone everytime why is this happens :) I only hope there won't be someone else who will ask why he don't see correct WGR now or something   :)

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 Everytime I Print Screen inside WOT to save the screenshot, it never saves the image in the clipboard for paste into an image. It's not a big deal though, I can tolerate it.



<PrtScr> saves it like a jpg picture in "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\screenshots"

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