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Game crashes

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Today, for the 3rd time since installing v1.16.0.0_09.exe, the game crashed when I exited the battle, after my vehicle was destroyed.

Time: 2042 MST (USA)

Vehicle: T34-1941

Random Battle

Map: El Halluf


The last time this happened, I ran the WOT WGCHECK TOOL, and it said that some of the files in the mod pac were corrupted.  I removed the mod pac, and the game performed normally.

IGN:AntonioAndolini / NA server.


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Game crashed for the 2nd time since updating the mod pac to V1.16.01_02.

Played Leo on Emperor's Border map; crashed @ 1330 MST (US). I forgot to mention that both crashes occurred when I tried to return to the garage from an on-going battle, after my vehicle had been knocked out.


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Forgot to add detail of crash.
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  • Administrator

Unfortunately python.log is over spammed with information about the lack of xvm font, so it's missing the important problems, like exception errors.

Played couple battles with the same mods like you and nothing crashed, so hard to tell anything, maybe start reducing mods amount.

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Game crashes when exiting on-going battle, back to garage, after my vehicle is destroyed.  19:53 hrs, 5/2/2022; El Halluf map; Obj 777-II. All previous reports refer to "XVM script issues" masking your diagnostic tool (WOT archiver.zip[).  So what is THAT issue? Is the XVM downloaded through Aslain's mod-pac corrupted or, what.

When I run the WOT "C:\Games\WGCheck NA\wgc_api.exe" tool, it ALWAYS flags "corrupt files in the Aslain's mod-pac.



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  • Aslain changed the title to Game crashes

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