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Russian Flags being changed for the Ukranian Flag

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Don't force us to update to a release that will change all the flags on the Russian vehicles to a Ukranian one.


1. The USSR is NOT the same, ergo the vehicles are not "Russian" in today's sense, they were commies and before post commie collapse that gave us the Russian Federation.



IF you don't understand, go read #1 again

IF you still don't understand read NUMBER TWO. 😠



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But I don't force anyone..... why do you say that? The update notice, is just notice man... Aren't you ashamed of writing posts like yours? Considering there is a real war and real innocent people are dying? I know you live in the other hemisphere of the world away from all of this and it's easier to ignore it, but man, rockets and bombs are falling 200km from where I live .... I will not tolerate such posts like yours again, so think twice before lecturing and yelling at me again! 


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