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1.16.1 minimap communication issue

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Hi Aslain,

I ve been using your modpack for some time and I have an issue on 1.16.1 update which I ve never seen before.

The CTRL+L Click on minimap, to highlight a position our suggest a path is working in an erratic way, actually not working 9 times out of 10. It won t signal the location pin point, or will only show half the mouse track on map. While playing artillery, CTRL+R click to bring the reticle to the grid won t work at all.

But it works fine on unmodded game, minus the extra option that your mod give (i.e drawing a path).

Your mod is the only one I use.

Great respect for your work,


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Sorry for my poor compliance to bug reporting procedure. I have reinstalled Aslain mod, still need to check if the bug has been fixed.

I lost my Aslain mod presets and had to go through it all over again, probably for nothing if you are right ! thank you for your answer, was beginning to think I was the only one.

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2 minutes ago, iain1965 said:

If this is an XVM issue, don't use the overnight builds...go back to the stable build...surely if it was working before it should still work now...just sending out messages saying it's XVM doesn't cut it...sort it out.


Nope, there is no alternative.

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