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Aslain Mod not working

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If you see no mods / changes to your game AT ALL - then you probably picked the wrong game folder.


In your Wargaming Game Center, click on "Game Settings" and then "Show in Folder"

Then the folder path you see there - compare that to what you picked in the modpack


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I see by your reply that I may have installed in the wrong folder (World_of_Tanks in stead of World_of_Tanks_NA)


I'll try and re-install into the correct path in the folder this time.  If it doesn't work I'll either let you know or continue reading your response.


Thanks again!

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Just now, mastercommander said:

Ok it is now working. Thanks for the help with that.  Now how do I make changes to the mod once I have it installed?  Sorry, again I'm new to this and any assistance would be appreciated




To make changes - just run the modpack again, make your changes, and proceed, like when you first installed 🙂 

Tick the option to clean out previous mods, (can't recall the exact name.. the one that will delete res_mods), so it deletes the things you unchecked 🙂 

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7 hours ago, mastercommander said:

Ok I'll give it a try.  Thanks Quaksen!

Do I need to shut the game off to make the changes?  Yeah I know, dumb question

Yes you have, the game cannot be running when installing/swapping the mods.

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