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Weird GUI Issue

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I am also having this UI bug. I am only playing Frontlines, and whenever there is a 'you have missed an event' notification after each battle, this UI bug appears and does not go away by clicking 'close'. It requires the client to be fully closed (not just disconnected) to go away, but then comes back after each battle. Thanks.

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Experiencing same issue (shadow artifact at top left of screen).  It happens only with Frontline, not when I play random battles.  To clear the bug, I have to reboot the game client.  A key problem with this pop-up shadow artifact is that the area behind it becomes unresponsive (so I can't activate personal reserve boosters, manage the tank crew, etc.)

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17 hours ago, Aslain said:

You said you have tried uninstall my modpack, but with what outcome? Do you still have this bug without any mods? If so, better contact WG.

I tried uninstalling your modpack, same result.  It has something funky to do with the crew window and Frontlines.  Like fgn_2 I have to restart the client if I want it to go away, or else nothing under that window responds, including ESC.

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so far the testing did not delivered any results.
i can recreate it and got so far,
not xvm alone
not racjel mods alone
not YK alone
not yk + xvm 
not Garage Mastery alone

did see same report on protanki and comparing 2 configs (yours and 1 from discord) i did see both are using 
last hit and efficiency from protanki

so if you are still playing FL could you try without last hits once?

edit: was not last hit issue

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